24 Hour Test Drive

The 24 hour test-drive is one part of our Addison shopping experience!

Buying an automobile will be one of the largest purchase decisions you will ever make next to your home. Making this decision in a 10 -15 minute test drive is not in your best interest. Addison on Eglinton and Erin Mills want to give you a day in the life of owing a General Motors product, we are very confident in our product portfolio and truly believe our world class quality vehicles are leading edge in design and fuel efficiency.We think people that drive them feel that way to.Have your own day in the life of owning an Addison on Eglinton and Erin Mills vehicle. Test out the features, show it to your friends or family; then let us know how it look in your driveway! To arrange your own personal test drive of one of our GM proud vehicles fill out the form on your screen. One of our 24 hour test drive experts will contact you to arrange the particulars. See you soon at Addison on Eglinton and Erin Mills in Mississauga.