New Canadian Car Loans


When you want to buy a new car but have bad credit, Addison Credit offers financing options for you. We work directly with Canadian auto finance lenders. We provide you with a full list of the loans that you are approved to receive. Addison Credit has served the communities of Mississauga and Oakville for more than 20 years and is prepared to help customers find success by obtaining the bad credit car loans they need. The loan application process is fast and simple. Fill out the secured credit application, gain approval, select the vehicle you want and you can be on the road in no time.

Addison Credit offers easy financing options for individuals who have bad credit due to bankruptcy, foreclosure, missed credit card payments or divorce. We believe that despite whatever credit problems you have, every person should still have access to obtaining a car loan and purchasing a new vehicle.

You can instantly begin improving your credit score. Bad credit car loans are considered installment credit, which credit bureaus regard as superior to credit card lines. Your contract provides a set monthly amount to repay over time, and your credit score will increase in points as a result of diligent repayment.

As you repair your credit, you can buy a new vehicle so that you and your family have transportation for your job, education or other necessities.

By choosing Addison Credit, our team can pair you with a car that meets your budget. The large inventory of vehicles ensures that there are options for individuals from all financial levels. We give estimates of your monthly payments so that you can buy an affordable vehicle.

Begin rebuilding your credit and gaining access to a new car loan. We will help you with every step in the application process. You can send us an email or call us at any time. Whether you need to travel to work or support your family in their endeavors, a new auto loan empowers you. Addison Credit is here to help you move forward in life and build success by securing a new auto loan.